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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory and a Joke

Chris came home from her volunteering at The Dougy Center last night with a couple of jokes.  I’d like to share one with you before I post my entry for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Victory.

you-are-too-funny-clip-art-1281936Me:  What does a tuna fish, a piano and a super glue have in common?

You:  Hmmmm.  Don’t know.

Me:  You can tune a piano and you can’t tuna fish.

You:  Chuckling slightly, but puzzled, you ask “what about the super glue?”

Me:  I know you would get stuck on that.

Now on to the WPC challenge.

I have decided that ducks and geese are two entirely different creatures.

Ducks seem to feel victorious when they get treats from humans are quiet polite about receiving it.


Or they dive into the water to retrieve it and put on a great show.111315duck

A goose on the other hand look like crazy person and …..


then run after you wanting more.  I feel victorious just getting away from them.


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Hahahahaha great joke! Thanks for the smile! Love the full face pic of the goose….they are mean little buggers and their bite is not pleasant….. 🙂


  2. LOL! Great fun way to start your post, Cee 🙂 And then of course there are your wonderful photos! So much gorgeous detail and such great commentary for this week’s challenge 🙂


  3. Ducks are the peaceful creatures among water fowl. They get along with all the other birds. Geese, like swans, are territorial. So I’ve seen flocks of geese and ducks, families of swans with ducks … All kinds of ducks hanging out together in the river and ponds. If peace comes to Planet Earth, it will be ducks brokering the armistice 🙂

    I didn’t realize that the geese had those saw things on their beaks. Kind of like teeth. Great pictures.


  4. This sure brought back some childhood memories. I always worried if I couldn’t run fast enough 😉 Even now, I would keep a distance, like 50 feet, from geese. 😉


    • Chris and I get right up to them. She feeds them and I snap away. Actually she feeds them and runs quick. I snap a little longer and get away quick too! 😀 We must look hilarious.

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  5. Your challenge post appeared next to mine this week in the WP photo challenge Cee – so I am in good company. What i cant understand is how in what seems the space of minutes you already have 133 likes and numerous comments – maybe time flew faster than i knew it.
    love those duck photos, esp the ones of them diving into water 🙂


    • I posted this on Friday. But didn’t add the link until this morning. Actually I had last week’s on it. Some kind soul told me and I fixed it. That is why I have so many likes and comments. Although it would be cool if I got that many that quickly 😀


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