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A Judy Dykstra-Brown Challenge: Heart

Here is my entry for Judy’s Finding Heart!: Have a Heart Challenge.  Here are a few hearts that I have been able to see and capture.

A candle with 3 wicks.



A latte.111615heart_1

A nut found in a shopping center driveway.111615heartQi (energy) hugs,


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    • I saw them make it once. They put the foam in a circular pattern then run a coffee stirrer though it and it makes a heart shape. It was cool to watch.


      • It is getting so when people ask me what I do and I tell them I’m an artist and writer, people I don’t even know will chime in with, “And you’re a photographer, too, aren’t you?” I always know then that they must read my blog. I feel like a fraud saying, “Yes,” because I do it like I do everything–my way, without much training. (Well, except for writing.) But it tickles me, anyway. The prompt about disclaiming praise today was perfect for me, yet I didn’t write about this aspect. I was in a hurry. My nephew just arrived and we only have a few days!


        • I’ve not had any formal training in photography. Now I teach it. Your photography over the last year has grown into its own art form. Enjoy your nephew.


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