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Beating the Monday Blahs

(From Chris…)

I love journaling and I love lists, so when I found a journaling challenge to create a new list every day, I was in heaven!

Today’s prompt is to create a list of things you can do to beat back the Monday blahs.  I already have a few things on my list, but I thought I’d ask all of you what would be on your list.  I would love some more good ideas.  Please hit the comments and help me out.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • bright light and sunshine
  • walk away from the computer every 45 minutes
  • wear bright clothing, especially socks that don’t match
  • listen to something funny, like Jeanne Robertson
  • watch a funny video
  • eat your favorite food
  • sneak out of work and take a walk
  • do some qigong (which works for every day of the week)

Cheers!  It’s Monday.  Don’t forget to be awesome.

Virtual hugs,


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  1. I dealt with monday problem by getting sick. Not the best way to do it, but sure isn’t boring 🙂


  2. Since I don’t work outside the home, I don’t really get the Monday Blahs, but I do occasionally suffer from the plain ole blahs……I found that unplugging from social media helps, as well as putting on some happy music and dancing around the house, it does wonders And its exercise!!!

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  3. * singing under the morning shower
    * drawing doodles on the way to work
    * preparing a special snack, you can look forward to
    * writing a ‘worse than mondays’ list (;
    * meeting friends for a coffee break & a small chat during (if possible or you work together) or after work
    * wearing something special (shoes, jewelry, hair accessories,…)

    Have fun and a wonderful Monday! (:


  4. I like that phrase “Monday Blahs” Today I went to all my classes in a Santa hat and Santa apron. The look on the kids’ faces was priceless. We did some Christmassongs in class and even though I am not a tuneful soul I had great fun singing at the top of my voice. I left my students to ponder my sanity!

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  5. My days off are Sunday /Monday so my blahs are from Tuesday to Saturday.
    Daydreaming and imagining you are somewhere else helps.
    I come alive during break times and think about going home to my two lovely cats.

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  6. Today’s Monday? Hmm being retired every day is another beautiful day to smile, laugh, breath, sing, dance, read and if the blahs start to set in getting out into the fresh air and going for a walk revives the spirit and reminds you that life… glorious. 🙂

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  7. ~ A big sipper jug of ice water to refresh with all day.
    ~ In the grey, rainy winters — use a therapy light box to trick your body into producing less melatonin.
    ~ twinkle lights in the window or somewhere you look to rest your eyes and clear your mind
    ~ create a ‘bring your dog to work’ day — make it Monday — everyone will be uplifted!!


    • Love the video. We like coloring while listening to an audio book, or doing a jigsaw puzzle. We’re listening to “Writing Down Your Soul” right now. It’s a great book on how to go deeper with you journaling and gt to the level of soul writing.


  8. I don’t know if you have Schwan’s delivery where you are, but their white chocolate raspberry scones are a great Monday treat.


  9. I have spent half this day calling doctors to get them to write the prescriptions I need, Amazon to find out where my package has wondered off to, the dentist, the …. the … and spent most of the time listening to “hold music.” If I had to vote, my doctor’s office has the best hold music … but that’s just as well because they also have the longest wait time.Now, I think I’ll try to get rid of this migraine before it gets rid of me, play a little Farm Town, ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything 🙂 YOU have a great day!


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