Prompt Stomp Week 10 – Vintage

This is my entry for the Prompt Stomp Week 10 Challenge.  I hope you enjoy my selection.

This first photo is of me roughly 35  years ago with my first car a Mercury Bobcat (Ford version was Pinto).  I actually had that car nearly 20 years and her name was Bobbie.  Okay the name wasn’t too unusual considering she was a Bobcat.  I had nearly 500,000 miles on it.




120715vintageQi (energy) hugs,



  1. You were SO lucky to get a car like that as your first! I had an ancient little Ford Prefect – mind you, I promptly turned it over which didn’t improve it. Those sleek shiners with imposing buttocks do look good.


  2. These are wonderful photos Cee. I adore your car photos, especially the one of you and your first car. 500,000 miles? You must have taken very good care of her. Thank you for joining in this week! 🙂


  3. Wow on your car! We had a Pinto that my brother drove until he put it in the ditch one too many times. I think he put every car we had in the ditch at one time or the other, come to think of it…. 🙂


  4. You and Bobbie were adorable! And that last photo is awesome. You’ve got a talent for capturing old cars and editing the photos so they’re just right.


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