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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

Here is my for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Oops.  I don’t keep photos of my oops shots.  Although I do have one from 2008 I did keep because I could crop it and make a decent photo out of it.  In fact I even sold a 19×13 print of it.  I also have a few broken items to share.

In this photo, I was so concentrated on getting the tulip in the photo, that I didn’t even notice my hair hanging down into the photo frame….and there is a lot of of hair in the frame too.  Needless to say after this experience, I always tie my hair back.


Here is the photo after a sizable crop.


Broken dahlia stems after a heavy rain last year.  Dahlias hold so much water inside their petals it can be disastrous to their stems.


A borken cup lying on a log.121115oops_3

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Seeing a coffee or tea cup broken is like loosing a close friend, I wish I could say I had not had moments where unusual things that were in the frame, at least your hair makes your shot a bit more authentic.


  2. Beautiful oops photos! It’s good you kept the one with your hair hanging in it. The crop is beautiful and the oops is such a fun one.


  3. I love the first picture. It is really funny and ooops!….. the last one is unique, I didn’t see the oops but probably the intensity of light has been destroying. Most of all, I love them. Thanks for sharing Cee’s.


  4. I like the one with the hair in it! It tells a story. Is she leaning down for a sniff or a closer look? Ask Chris if she agrees!!! The other is wonderful as well, though. I’m crazy about this tulip.


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