Flower of the Day – January 1, 2016 – Amaryllis Bud (Day 6)

Each one of the bud pods will open up into a flower.  Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments.  This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.


Amaryllis Bud Day One

Amaryllis Bud Day Two

Amaryllis Bud Day Three

Amaryllis Bud Day Four

Amaryllis Bud Day Five

Qi (energy) hugs



      1. I currently use a Canon EOS 1200D DSLR. I wanted to know if there are techniques using non-macro DSLR lenses for close-up shots? Because I like taking photos of food, and lenses here in the Philippines are very expensive.


        1. I actually use all my lenses for macro photos. It is a matter of using your lenses zoom capabilities and knowing how close you can get to your object. Each lens will vary as to how close you can actually get to a subject. Experiment find out. Usually if you are on auto focus, the photo will not focus for you or simply your shutter button won’t depress. I am not sure how Canon cameras work.

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