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My Entry to CCY Photo Challenge: Week #12 Critique My Work

Here is my entry to this week’s challenge for my CCY Critique My Work challenge.

The Red Umbrella

122715original - whats wrong or right_4

My original

I took this after I got a whole bunch of photos of these umbrellas.  I left plenty of cropping room so I could play with this particular photo.

What is wrong with this photo:

  • The street grate on the bottom right hand makes noise in the photo.
  • The entry area on the left makes it look chunky.
  • It need to be straightened vertically.
  • And Chris pointed out that she didn’t like the wet and dry sidewalk because she couldn’t tell what it was.  Snow?  Frost?  It didn’t make sense.

Here is my edited version with a huge crop and enhancement of colors.

010316umbrells revised

Taxi Cab 122715original - whats wrong or right_3

Chris and I were sitting on a bench in front of a building.  All of a sudden this taxi cab pulled in front of us and unloaded a passenger.  I thought this was an interesting angle of the car.  I used it at one point on for my Odd Ball Challenge.

What is wrong with this photo:

  • Too much noise on the left side of the photo.
  • The main point of focus is unknown.  Is it the taxi, or passenger?
  • Can use a little straightening.

Here is my edited photo that I turned into black and white and made a crop with a main point of focus.  Your eye hopefully ends up in the lower left third of photo.  Follow the line up from the corner of the taxi headlight up to the 333 and finally to work TAXI.  Then again from the headlight follow the diagonal line through to the door with Yellow cab written on it.

010316taxi revised

Colored Chairs122715original - whats wrong or right_2

I took this photo while driving around Canby looking for some photo shoots.  I saw these chairs in front of antique shop and fell in love with them.  I wanted to take a photo of them and see if Chris liked them as well.  I almost bought them!  Now we kind of wish we had.

What is wrong with this photo:

  • Way too much noise in the background.  The reflection of the white cars parked in front of the store dominates the shot.
  • Are the chairs or the reflected car the main focus?

I did use this photo for my Odd Ball Challenge.  I would never even come close to making this photo into anything artistic.  The car was parked, so there was no way I could avoid getting shot without the car being there.  I wasn’t interested in getting a “real” photograph.  This photo should remain in the archives or be trashed.

Here is a cropped, edited version where I tamed down the whiteness of the car a little bit and toned up the colors.

010316chairs revised


White Wall and Wood Door122715original - whats wrong or right_1

I just thought this was an interest combination of textures, metal and wood.

What is wrong with this photo:

  • The meter and pipe on the left don’t need to be present.
  • The door should either be centered or closer to one side.
  • With the door on the diagonal, it’s hard to determine if it is straight or not, and could probably be tweaked a little bit.

Here is my cropped, edited version. The biggest thing I did was change colors of the white walls hoping it would show off the textures of the wall and door better.  I added some orange to the door.  Blue/teal and orange/brown are contrasting colors and I think it added a punch to this photo.

010316wall revised

Sunset at the Marina122715original - whats wrong or right

Since I don’t photograph many dark sunsets because I don’t use a tripod, I took this photo of the maria hoping I could play with it and see if I could do anything with this photo.

What is wrong with it:

  • Sun is too bright.
  • The bottom is too dark
  • The horizon needs to be straighten.
  • The small porches and awning may or may not be a distraction.

I actually did two different versions of this photo.  This first one I cropped off the awning and sun.  Cropped the photo and added a little yellow-orange to the sky and lightened up the marina.

010316marina revised_1

In this second version, I cropped out the bottom part of the photo to make the sky be the upper 2/3 of the photo.  I kept the foreground darker and highlighted the sky more.


010316marina revised

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I think I like the second version of the marina even though the colors are muted. It seems to tell more of a story. (You know me. Gotta have a plot!!) The red umbrellas are stunning. Love your crop. The door and chairs…primo, although I would have like a bit more color in the door. Picky picky. Hard to find anything to critique in your photos so just have to nitpick since the theme is “critique my work.” Or does that mean you were supposed to critique her work? Oh. Never mind!!!


    • You are to funny. One thing I should have said up front but didn’t think to until now….The photos I chose are not perfect and probably will never be used as a printable piece of photographic art. These photos are for use in this blog. Oh well, live and learn.


  2. Thanks Cee! Can I ask what you use to do your editing? I am still very basic nd am still just basically playing around with cropping. A goal this year is to explore different apps and programmes for editing and learn more about it.


  3. Once again, I am impressed with your editing skills! You made the subject pop so much more in your edited versions and made the marina scene look like two different places. This is how challenged I am at photo editing: I downloaded two of the photos and now can’t figure out where they went or how to get them into my photo editing program!


    • When I down load photos (or anything for that matter) I always add them to my desktop. That way I can easily find them. I hope you get a chance to play. If anything just do a written post and identify the photos you are critiquing. Regardless have fun. 😀


  4. Hey cee – u know I love your work – but I disagreed with many of your what is wrong with the photo – but I think this is a matter of artsy opinion – but I also know your are a professional photographer and pictures are assessed differently – but I think it is also just preference – anyhow – I really really enjoyed reading your notes and what you felt was wrong – and little tidbits like how you wished y’all bought those chairs (so cute they are) or how you were sitting there when the taxi cab showed up – and by the way – the taxi is my fav of the post – but the original -😉❤️


    • It is an artsy opinion on most things. Plus I know what I was trying to do with these photos and you didn’t. I really wish you would play along even if your post all words and no editing. I would really like to hear your opinion. Maybe you see something I missed which most people are seeing. I know these photos and can’t always see them with fresh eyes. Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate it. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you mean play along with the challenge? I will check more into it- thx – and I looked again at each of your Changes and thought I would share what I liked about the originals that I felt was lost in each edit – but first let me say that your edits are great – clean and like you noted – they aligned with what u saw needed to be addressed for what you like or want.
        Ok- so the first one – the cropped version lost the dark door frame to the left – and while I get that Chris noted the sidewalk – I liked the other patch that was near the door – so the first version had this informal balance with a “v” almost pulling back with two perpendicular lines – I also saw an art “T” in the dark edited wood – ha! But just liked the umbrella centered and the two sides moving away. Nice find by the way – the two umbrellas are different which also added to the duality of the two woods and wet and dry sidewalks.

        Then the taxi one – I feel as if the tree and space to the back left in the original gave us a breath- it balances all that metal and car – and the edited version lost that and also lost some of the back windows on building – which added mood – so the edited version felt like the focus was the tire (just to me) – 😏

        And I the door one – the meter was one of the best parts – the verticals of it were in complete sync with the doors and metal siding – and the three items had a triad to split the composition almost in thirds – now your color cropped version was tasty good too – but that first image with the washed look told a story – a story that the meter added to maybe suggesting life and activity was or still is there – and again – awesome find in that unique shot.

        And the sunset one – here is where I guess a lot of pros. If the say “too bright” – but I saw enchanted Mystery -I saw life and maybe even spiritual joy – as the beams pulled out and was boldly highlighting the lines – verticals and perpendicular and water – and was a place I would want to be sitting in – the edited version. – still good mind you – it lost all that awning interest and the mystical feel of the glow and bright setting sun was lost – and even tho the edit was fine – it did not “call” to me like the other tugged at me –
        But how fun this was to compare and to read what you addressed – I live learning like this – and do agree in the straightening of the ones you did too –
        Thanks for letting me share so openly !


        • Great observations. It would be interesting to see the door with the meter then the door and maybe only a small part of the wall. Let the meter and door be the photo. I might have to try playing with that. You have a lot to contribute to these challenges. I really wish you had put your comments in a post. They are wonderful. 😀 We do all see differently and that is what I so adore about photography. We could all photograph the same thing and come up with a unique photo and story to tell.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Gosh are so right about our diversity – and celebrating and maybe even integrating it – also thanks for the nice comments – honored my friend – and I am able to do about 8 posts a month so I can barely get to most challenges as it is – but I will put this on my list to try and do this year – even if hits once (hope that’s ok) and it is a good time to start thinking that way –
            Oh and I can visualize what u meant with the wall cropped and it would be an interesting take – have a nice week and hi to Chris for me – ❤️🌸🌺💕


  5. it’s quite interesting to read the various comments. I like what you did with the umbrellas. In my mind they are what you were photographing, and the crop shows them off while keeping diagonals and lines of the sidewalk and wall. I can see why you wish you would have bought those chairs…


    • We still talk about those chairs. We bought a new table and chairs a couple years ago and decided against buying them. Now we kind of wish we did, because we aren’t that fancy. The legs of our table is painted a beige color with solid stained wood on top. Those chairs would have blended in quite nicely. We can always store the good wood chairs in our garage.


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