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Thursday Doors – January 14, 2016

Here is my for Norm’s Thursday Doors – January 14, 2016 challenge.  ENJOY!

Norm suggested I add this photo to his door  challenge.  I used a cropped selective color version for one of Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge post earlier this week.  So I thought I would use the uncropped version in color.  Photo was taken at Schreiber’s Iris Garden Festival near Brooks, Oregon.


Here is a another ports-potty I took at Bauman Farms near Woodburn, Oregon.


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I’m in heaven. This is a major problem around here during festivals and such. Not enough porta potties. I’m thinking of buying one and hauling it around with me on a trailer! 🙂 Love the photo, Cee. Did you get many people eyeing you suspiciously as you checked focus and such?

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  2. Doors galore in the first one, so in my opinion it just HAD to be included. And that second one is just too cute 😀
    Thanks for playing along Cee 🙂


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