Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance for the Crackers

Here is my entry for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Dance.

These seagulls were getting ready for the “Dance for the Crackers”.

All on stage now.

031816dancingWarm up dance routine.


There is at least one seagull who shows off in every performance.


Qi (energy) hugs



    1. I have some seagull photos with 30-50 standing by a car door, on top of the car and it’s hood. The occupants of the car were throwing food right out their window.


  1. This is so funny 🙂 I love how in the first photo they all seem to have different looks on their faces… like casually humming along to the tune… maybe it’s a flash mob dance?


  2. Great post! I love the first one too. Pretty rare to see them all facing one direction. I was considering seagulls for this topic too. Maybe I should go with ducks.


  3. Looking at the final photo I was glad Hitchcock used crows/blackbirds/starlings for his film. The flying seagull seems to be auditioning for a remake of Godzilla!!!


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