One Photo Focus – April 2016

Original photo by Cee Neuner 2015. Near Brooks, Oregon, USA.


It is time for Stacy over at Visual Venturing, One Photo Focus Challenge.  This month’s One Photo Focus is special to me because everyone got to edit one of my photos.  Here is my original photo.  I took this with my Sony a7II mirrorless camera with my Sony 18-200 VR lens.  I am really excited to see what everyone did with this photograph.

In this photo, which I edited for this challenge, I used Adobe Bridge to make all my editing from my original photo.  I drastically cropped  because I wanted a slightly different view of this grand old barn.  I like that it shows a hidden white chair down my the site bushes.  See my original editing at the bottom of this post.

032516cee 1PF April 2nd editIn this photo, I fixed a couple things in Adobe Bridge, then I added a couple of  Color Efex Pro 4 layers.  This is how I original had shown on my blog post on May 29, 2015.

cee-1PF-May-original-editQi (energy) hugs



  1. What a wonderful photo you provided us, Cee! And thanks for sharing both edits – I smiled at the white chair as I never picked up on it 🙂 I always enjoy seeing how you see things – both of your lovely images are no exception!


  2. Thanks for sharing your photo Cee, it was great fun to work on! I love how your edit brings out the flowers growing out the side of the barn, they look beautiful! 🙂


  3. I just noticed this was your image! I thought it was Stacy’s on her blog. Whoopsie! Seems you and I had a similar palette in our edit. 🙂 Dare I say well done??? Well done Cee! 😀


  4. I love old barns. Yours did not seem quite old, but your editing brought out the texture of the wood and the fading paint. Great job, Cee.


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