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Flower of the Day – May 18, 2016 – Bearded Iris

I thought this iris shows well with the rhododendron petals on the lawn behind it.  A little different view for the day.

051716flowerQi (energy) hugs


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  1. OK here is the deal. If you want me to continue to follow your blog then please go in your yard and dig out some Iris bulbs and I will give you the address where to send them to. 🙂 Just kidding


  2. Very nice photo Cee. It’s certainly the time of year for Iris in Oregon. My memories of my last living quarters there are filled with memories of bearded lilies growing everywhere in the neighborhood as well as my own back yard. Thanks for sharing.


      • Actually I live in Uxbridge, Massachusetts Cee. It’s a small town of about 3,000 SW of Boston.

        We had a very mild Winter compared to the 110″ record setting snowfall of the previous Winter. We got one 11″ snowfall and half a dozen between 4″ and 6″. I believe 3 degrees was as cold as it got.

        I’ve moved to government housing in Uxbridge which is not only cheaper but quieter, on the ground floor and in a senior only complex. I have a studio apartment with a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and one bedroom. It only costs me $519 a month and includes electric, water, sewar and trash utilities. I pay for cable and broadband internet.

        The greatest thing is the stable cost that is based on my monthly income, which is fixed. No more having to move because of increases in rent. It’s rural as I’m surrounded by woods and gone of squirrels, chipmunks and birds. I have two squirrels within 10 feet of me as I type this.


        • I knew it Was Uxbridge, MA I just had a brain mishap 😀 It sounds like you are at a great place for you. It must be nice having wildlife that close to you. Glad you were introduced to winter with a mild one.

          I always enjoy seeing your photos. 😀


          • I miss the Oregon outdoors with its waterfalls, mountains, Pacific coastline and more. I haven’t had time to explore Massachusetts yet as I’m sure it has some great natural wonders as well. In retirement the one thing I have is time to explore. I’ll get there.


  3. I had originally linked this to the wrong post … AND used the wrong Logo for yet a different challenge. I think I got it right, finally. Sorry about that. It was late. I was brain dead.


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