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Me and My New Camera (Nikon Coolpix P900)

I bought this camera for its zoom capabilities.  For us camera folks 24-2000mm.  I just got my new baby last night and just a few minutes ago I went outside to play around with it.  Here are my results.

This first photo is of one of our cats Charlie looking at me.  I love how this camera picked out the details of the screen.

051816my new baby_8

This whole next series starts from this view.  I will refer back to this photo.  This is what my back yard looks like.  I was sitting on my patio overlooking our hot tub and looking south.

051816my new baby_2

This next two photos are of the satellite that is on top of the corner of our house.

051816my new baby_3

And real close up.051816my new baby_4

This photo of the tree that is behind the satellite and a little to the left.  Here I am zoomed out to 2,000mm.  There is a slight breeze and all my photos were handheld (I did not use a tripod).

051816my new baby_5

This photo is of our Japanese Maple and our shed.  On the original photo you can see where there are a couple of leaves over the shed roof.

051816my new baby_6

This last photo, just for fun, is a close up of my old shirt I’m wearing today.  You can get up to something like a 1/4 inch from an object for macro work.

051816my new baby_1

I think I’m going to like my new baby.

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Photo found on ….

Qi (energy) hugs,


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  1. That’s a really impressive zoom. I’ve never like the coolpix, but I will take a look. They are probably much improved over past version. Nice, clear pictures too, without a lot of noise.


  2. Hi Cee.. does it shoot in RAW or just jpeg. I am having problems holding my camera at times and was thinking of getting a point-n-shoot camera for those days I am having difficulty.


    • This particular one only shoots in jpeg. Nikon did that because they wanted to keep the cost down. It is the one little drawback. How do you hold your camera? Most people hold it wrong. I once had a person who always used a remote so she’d get still photos after she had a stroke. I show her how to hold a camera and she now can hold her full frame camera even through a 400mm lens steady.

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      • I normally hold the hand grip and use my other hand as a cup under the lens.. I have tried various different methods but my wrist gives way easily.


        • You are holding it right….so sorry about your wrists. What kind of camera do you have. What is nice about my new one is that it is a point and shoot. You don’t have the added weight of the lenses. I know there are some that have RAW format. My particular doesn’t. The smaller mirrorless 3/4 size cameras are real light to. They should all be RAW too.

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  3. Love the maple! And what a sharp zoom! I’ve had only my second digital camera for a year and a half now, and it’s a Nikon point-and-shoot too. When looking at your capabilities, I was wondering about how they compare, since I know you must have gotten a very recent one. So I had to take a look because I don’t care about the numbers, and I was amazed to see that your zoom is 83x, whereas mine is 34x. And I already call mine the paparazzi cam. 😉 (It’s a L830.) In any case, an excellent acquisition, I’d say. 🙂 Looking forward to your new images!


    • This one amazed me with is 83x. I’ve always wanted a long zoom lens, but they are heavy and expensive. This fits the pocketbook and goes far beyond what I would expect to use on a regular basis.

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  4. Congrats, Cee! I understand. I have had the same camera a half a year. It’s best with birds and moon 🙂


  5. Very impressive zooming, from where you were sitting to the far end of the yard! So good with the detail and so clear! 🙂


    • The trees in back of our fence are actually farther away than they look. We live on a corner lot and there is a somewhat major road that is between my fence and the other trees. Thanks for commenting.


  6. I tried buying that camera last November, “Out Of Stock” everywhere. I even went on the Nikon Web Page. They apologized! They didn’t count on the popularity of this camera, and couldn’t keep up with the demands, so I bought the NikonCoolPix P610 (60 Zoom.) Although, I’m very happy with the P610, I was disappointed t I couldn’t buy the P900. Cee let me know how you like it. Have fun!



  7. I too have this camera, it is so much fun! Try it out on the moon! There is a moon scene mode that is really cool. Also the pet scene mode is really good, my dog is usually too quick to take a photo of (unless she is sleeping), and this mode catches her more than I can in manual mode on any of my cameras. Have fun with your new toy… oh, don’t forget to change your white balance — I forgot that I was taking photos the night before in tungsten and then went out the next morning to the beach… all my photos were so BLUE! ugh! With jpg it is so much harder to change the white balance in post. 😛


    • That is something to remember. I’m use to RAW and usually do white balance in post processing. I can see where I am going to just have a lot of fun with this camera. I even dug out my tripods for night time moon shots …. or beach shots. 😀

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  8. Outstanding pictures. You’ve done exceptionally well and and in such a short period of time.


  9. Ooh…what fun, Cee! Congrats. I am missing a good zoom lens in my life. Can’t wait to see what this baby can really do (and you, of course 😘).


  10. Wow! Okay, maybe I need to expand beyond the camera on my iPhone. But I’m still not very adept at using even that! Looks like you’re in for a lot of fun!


  11. I think I know what I want for Christmas! Wow. This has a couple of features I would love to have! That ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I watched the video you linked to the other day and was greatly intrigued. Danger.


  12. It is always so exciting to have a new camera 🙂 Good Luck dear Cee, you know how much I love cats, this was so nice, so artistic. Thank you, Love, nia


  13. Holy smokes, Cee! That’s some serious zooming going on – and what great clarity and detail it provides! I’m sure you’ll have the best fun playing with your new toy 🙂


  14. That is a seriously good zoom lens for a point and shoot. You should have a lot of fun with it this summer. I like your Japanese Maple. I have one of those too.


  15. Cee, the zoom on the satellite is amazing, and without a tripod ? Really incredible, the new spider web on it is crystal clear 😮
    The weight is nice 👍
    Question, what would you estimate the operating level of difficulty to be ? My dad is 88 and was a photographer decades ago.. He remembers most everything that has to do with lighting and such but today’s tech is something he’s just not adjusted to.. He would love this camera especially for the zoom capabilities.. I’d love to see him get back into photography but don’t want him to be only frustrated in trying to learn how to use it.. Another commenter mentioned that white balance is tricky to change, if I understood the comment correctly, which would also be a concern before I’d purchase it for him..
    Your baby 2lb baby is going to give you great memories 😊

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    • A couple things I would recommend. He use Auto (at first) to get used to the camera. How steady is his hands, because zoomed way out, you really need steady hands and proper hold on the camera. For the higher ends of the zoom it is recommended to use a tripod. That could be an issue at that age. I figured for the most part I will use only half the zoom capabilities and it was rather easy to hold the camera at that stage. To fix the light balance issues you need to use the “P” programmable setting. And it is just a matter of setting the correct lighting. So once you get used to switching it, it is not that hard.

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  16. Impressive. I’m going to be looking at this in camera shop next time I’m in Manchester. The shop lets you take them out into the street to try out gear.


  17. Think of all the changes that have occurred in my life. I was born in 1931. The depression area. I remember parts of it,. One time we had a pump for water. I remember ice and milk men. Radio was just coming. My father took a mail order course for radio. I remember coal heat. Much of what was believed true at the time has changed. They no longer stress writing in school. We had a hour where we practice the Palmer method. Medicine has change. Social Security was an extra tax. It has changed the world completely. I have S in Zoology and Medical technology but both fields are foreign to me now. For woman being able to hold a job, washing machine and dryer are pluses as it the dishwasher. I was out of college when I first saw TV. Typewriters were just coming in tThey had one class for business for women in my high school. Boise I left in 1955 , only exists in pockets. More disappears every month. I sure that is true everywhere.


    • I know the changes that has taken place in my lifetime. And I’ve always known TV. I was born at the end of the baby boomers era. I can’t even imagine how this world has changed since you were a little girl. It’s amazing how adaptable we are as human. I can’t even begin to keep up with everything that has changed.

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      • I didn’t mention phones. If you had one ,it was a party line usually 10 houses on the line Than you could get for money, only 4 houses Private lines unheard of. Women have come a long way since my grandmother was left a widow. Now you can find work.


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