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I was Interviewed …..

along with Chris from Frances over at She Who Blogs.  I’ve never been interviewed  before.  Frances is a fun person and a total sweetheart.

Here is her opening paragraph.

Every post I write is a learning experience, and every blogger I interview my teacher. Many lessons came from this project; one of the most important being: readabout pages. I have happily participated in Cee’s Photo Challenges for quite a while now, but only recently read her about page. It is said that what you are seeking is seeking you; maybe that’s why the cursor just seemed to move on its own that evening. Not only did I get to know Cee and her story, but I got to meet her wife Chris and explore her blog; Chris’ Journaling Journey.

Please hop on over to her blog and read our interview and get to know Chris and I in a different view and if you don’t know Frances get to know her as well.


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. And no one deserves it more than you guys. We share a lot of “ways of doing things.” Interesting just how MANY we share. I keep being surprised. In a good way.


    • We’ve been dreaming it for years. It has changed many times our views, but we’ve wanted to teach and do retreats for women for years. It’s starting to feel like it could really happen now.

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  2. Wow, now I can follow Chris’ blog, too! I learned a lot about both of you, so thank you for sharing so honestly. You and I are polar opposites with organization, but I love the way your brain sees the world (and photos) and I am telling my brain to do that, too! I do think I am learning how to take photographs, gradually, with your support. Thank you for being Cee!


  3. Nice interview! I learned some things about you which is always nice. Most of the time I don’t really know too many people other than their photos so it was fun to read and learn about you a bit more.


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