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One Photo Focus – September 2016

It is time for Stacy over at Visual Venturing, One Photo Focus Challenge.  Please make sure you click on the link to see how everyone edited the photo submitted by Stacy of Visual Venturing blog.  Here is what she says about this photo she took.

I took this underexposed photo on a relatively overcast day almost two years ago while in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is the distant backdrop for Balclutha, a full-rigged ship built in 1886 and a U.S. National Historic Landmark. She is currently preserved at San Francisco’s Maritime National Historical Park and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in November 1976. Have fun, everyone!

I did a small crop and then turned it into black and white.  I did all my editing in Adobe Bridge.  Here is my interpretation of this photo.

082216cee Sept 1PF Final

Photo taken by Stacy Fischer –                           Edited by Cee Neuner

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Great edit….I never even noticed the small building on the left until your edit brought out so much detail! And love the editing on the edge of the boat.


  2. Dropping the saturation and bumping up the contrast really brings out the overall detail. The enhanced detail on the bridge improves the play between it and the ship’s rigging. All together, the effect is like a 19th Century lithograph. Good work, Cee!


  3. I love this photo… even in the original but the black & white is so much better! And of course it’s a sailing ship, one of my private fixations. 🙂

    I’m going to show my complete ignorance here but why is the original photo described as underexposed? I mean it’s a bit lifeless but that’s because of the cloudy weather (we’ve got plenty of those hereabouts). What should it have looked like if it wasn’t underexposed? And how do you avoid underexposing a picture? Lots of my photos come out like that because of the weather so that I have often felt that it was a waste to take pictures on cloudy days – I’d love to know how to make them good regardless of the weather!


    • Good question, but a very complicated answer. For the most part, shady or cloudy days you are most likely going to get an underexposed photo. Meaning not enough light will be coming into your camera. There are ways of dealing with it on your camera and in post processing. I usually deal with most of it during post processing.


      • I’ve got a better camera now – I only used to have point and shoot cameras but now I “inherited” my husband’s which has proper settings… I had to buy a manual to learn how to use it a d it’s like 400 pages! I’m working my through it. 🙂 Maybe when I get to the appropriate chapter…


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