The Daily Prompt: Stylish Styles

This is my entry for The Daily Prompt with the topic of Stylish.

092116stylish_5I have never been the type of person who followed the rules of style.  I have always worn shoes that are comfortable.  I don’t wear very fashionable clothes partly because I am not built for those types of clothes, even if I were skinny.  I prefer to be comfortable and be able to move.  I do wish I wore more color though, but that is something I am slowly working on.

Here are a couple of people who I think are more like me that I have photographed over the years.  I think people should wear what feels good to them…..regardless of price tag or what fashion designers think we should be wearing.

Here was on ladies version of style at the tulip festival.  Although the shoes may not be too comfortable.


I liked this lady’s parasol.  Kept the sun away from her.  I would never have a parasol though no matter how stylish it may look, I need both hands for photography.

092116stylish_3I could easily wear either one of these outfits.  I adore the colors.  Photo taken at a wool and fiber show.092116stylish_2

This is another photo I took at the wool and fiber show.  I figured this is a new style for the “bag person” look.  Please note that the bags are filled with wool to spun into yarn.092116stylish_1

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Your photo is full of …life
    And it means a lot!

    I think that fashion should be considered like a game…
    Just as Bridge, Tennis and Back-gammon, it has its rules for those who want to play , the rest of people is not compelled to follow the team….

    Elegance and style are something different , one may be extremely elegant even wearing clothes out of fashion!

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  2. That parasol image is beautiful! I used to be into style but not so much anymore. Shoes are very important to me because of my knees. I really have to have arch support and the sole has to be sort of thick. I’ve gotten good at finding cute comfortable shoes! I love my hiking boots the best though. 🙂

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