A Photo a Weekly Challenge: Blue

Here is my entry for Nancy’s A Photo A Weekly Challenge with the topic of Blue.

Thesetwo photos are of the big windmills with blue skies.  These giant wind turbines in the U.S. is the 2-megawatt Gamesa G87, with 143-ft blades (just under 1.5 acres) on a 256-ft tower, totaling 399 feet.

Wind turbine near Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Anemometer on top of a wind turbine. Photo taken with my CoolPix P900.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Love the zoom! Those turbines are pretty wild. There’s a wind farm we drive past/through on our way to Chicago, north of Indianapolis. They go on for miles and left and right for as far the eye can see. Kind of eerie at night. 😃


    1. These wind turbines fields are simply remarkable. So graceful. I drove by miles of them in both Idaho and Oregon (and Washington because I see them). Those by my sister, we could get fairly up close. 😀

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