52 Weeks Photo challenge: Week 11- Round!

Here is my entry for The Girl That Dreams Awake 52 Weeks Photo challenge:  Week 11- Round!

Vintage Typewriter (Royal)
Vintage Typewriter (Royal)
Metal Sculptor
Metal Sculptor

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Yep – the typewriter! (Reminds of visiting a technical museum with my sons, sometime during the 90s of last century, where numerous typewriters of all ages were displayed and many could be tried out. The children present (not just mine) didn’t know how to operate them (especially the carriage puzzled them). So I sat down and showed them. Admiration all round! I felt quite pleased. Until I heard one of the little monsters says: “Wow!! She’s really OLD!”


  2. The old typewriter keys bring back some memories, as I learned to type on those kind. Got pretty fast on them, too. Much easier on the keyboards of today, though. 🙂


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