Beth’s CB&W Photo Challenge – Looking Through a Window

My sister, Beth, sent me her entry for my Cee’s Black & White Challenge with the topic of Looking Through a Window.  She took these in her neighborhood fro her car on a rainy day in Idaho.  ENJOY everyone.  She looks these on her cell phone.  I believe it is a iPhone 6.




  1. I keep discovering people who come from places I have never seen but always wished I could have. My (now deceased) older brother went to the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. He said he believed it had to be the most beautiful place on earth. God’s country, he called it and he wasn’t a religious guy, especially not at age 20 when he was at school. Since then, I’ve always wanted to see that part of the world. Please tell you sister to keep sending pictures!!! Please! And tell her thanks for me 🙂


    1. Beth and I were both born in Moscow Idaho. We moved from there when I was 6 months old. So I’ve never seen it. Beth lives an hour and a half from Yellowstone in the southeastern part of the state. She enjoys taking photos, so no doubt I will be adding them from time to time here.


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