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Fun Post and I need 18 more comments ….

to get to 100,000 comment on my blog.  Thanks to everyone who has ever commented on my blog.

I got these photos at a new friend’s home and sculpture Studio that is located in Oregon, City.  He has 4 goats and a pig named Elbert.

Elbert, the pig, tossing a cantaloupe in the air.

Elbert, the pig, tossing a cantaloupe in the air.

Goats finding a delicious cantaloupe in the back of Ben's truck.

Goats finding a delicious cantaloupe in the back of Ben’s truck.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Great photos. Love the pig! The goats aren’t bad, either. So now you’re well over 100,000 comments. What now? 200,000?

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  2. Pigs are so intelligent (in the human way), and some people love them as pets. I’m still with dogs and cats, but still….


  3. I admit that I finally threw in the towel and realized I cannot comment on every single post I read. Sometimes, I just don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said by 250 other people … or I don’t have a comment. But this time, especially ’cause you asked 🙂

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  4. I don’t even know where to track comments. Congratulations! Good blogging generates lots of comments, so it’s not surprising that you have reached this level. And I love the photos, especially the goats.


    • 😀 I happen to watch the tail end of the last game. My grandparents were huge Cub fans. I also baby sat for a guy who was a Relief Pitcher back in the 70s.


  5. Congratulations Cee – I am sure you have crossed the magic mark and on the way to collecting the next lot. And you deserve every bit of. Love the pics, especially the goats, your challenges, your blog and your visits to my blog – you rock Cee!


  6. No. 1 says to me, “Oh come on! That’s not even ripe! No. 2 says, “I think this is some kind of trick”. Your posts are always enjoyable, no wonder you’re heading for a BIG “0”.


    • The goat shot appears more composed and most people will like the better, but the pig to me is just priceless. Just wish I was on floor level, you’d see the cantaloupe much better, but then no pig face either. 😀

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  7. Your blog has been a total inspiration for me. Congratulations on getting close to 100,000 comments, and I am sure this post will put you up to it!!


  8. I can see that you’ve probably gone way over the number of comments you needed, but here’s my contribution to your reaching your next milestone number. Keep up the good work!


    • I was talking to Ben and Chris (with camera in hand) inside of Ben’s studio. I turned around and looked out the door and saw them. I just had to capture them.


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