Flower of the Day – November 29, 2016 – Oregon Grape Berries

Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.  

I thought for a change I would post some colorful berries for the next week or so.

Oregon Grape.  The leaves looks like Holly leaves are are green year round.  They have yellow blossoms in the spring.
Oregon Grape. The leaves looks like Holly leaves are are green year round. They have yellow blossoms in the spring.

Chris over at 61 Musings is starting a Daily Sunshine post.

Qi  (energy) hugs



      1. Didn’t intend to lecture you, Cee. For me it’s important, because I’m interested in botany and often need help to identify plants.


        1. Don’t apologize. I think it is neat you looked it up. I’m sorry if I sounded abrupt, I woke up super early (for some unknown reason) and my head must not be awake yet 😀


          1. Sorry, I’m so used to Brits and their sometimes ‘snide’ remarks. The Economist one published an article on misunderstandings between Britons and other Europeans communicating in English. One example was “That’s interesting!” Non-natives would take this at face value, but it’s meant to be purely ironical.


            1. Typically I am a rather unexpressive person when it comes to the written word. I might take a lot of flowers photos, but my writing is drab and boring. Writing can be a tricky thing. I see things visually but have no idea how to express what I see in words. So my comments can be quite repetitive.

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  1. Lovely pic of Oregon Grapes. Miss picking berries (of all kinds – blackberries – forget the name but there’s 1 similar to blackberry, but HUGE, salmom berries, even some Oregon Grape


  2. Your photo today brought back a wonderful memory of a trip to Oregon many years ago, where I saw Oregon grape growing everywhere. It was so novel for me. I cannot recall if they are edible or not.


    1. I really don’t know…I doubt it because they are not grown as a harvest crop. We do have a lot of these in Oregon though. My first year out here, I was expecting to see red holly berries. 😀


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