1. Your choice of theme is just right, Cee, and so typical of you and your love for flowers. 🙂 Right now I’m anticipating anticipating them, because it’s just that far off.



    1. Yep, I know the feeling. I do have some paper whites and amaryllis I’m starting to grow. They should be blooming sometime in January. I waited to start them so we’d get some real flowers in the coldest winter months.

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  2. Beautiful! In a few months they will be back to visit. In the meantime it provides anticipation of what is to come and when. Last year the poor magnolia blossomed and then cold and snow returned. Their little buds remained unopened all summer into the fall. Still decorating the tree in winter, so I sit in anticipation of what is to come next spring. Will they fall off during the winter months or bloom in spring.


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