Women’s March – Around the World

The numbers on the marches today are just blowing my mind. So much support for the people of the US. Please re-blog if you appreciate it as much as I do.


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womensmarchWhen I wrote earlier today about the Women’s Marches going on around the US, I didn’t realize how enormous and far-reaching this effort was.  Then Ruth remarked that they are marching in London today, too, so I did some investigating.  There are 673 marches going on around the world.  To see the list of locations, click here. 

That there could or would occur, these gatherings of determined women and their supporters, is truly incredible.  There is hope for this country, and for the world, when this amount of compassion and strength rises up to be heard and seen.


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  1. It was a small march in Geneva in Switzerland, abut 2,000 people, mainly exile Americans living in Switzerland, but it was a march and it made me so proud that even little Switzerland was amongst the crowds.

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  3. I was one of approximately 6000 marchers in Fort Worth Texas….it was an amazing day!
    As for a question I saw above…I do think it will make a difference. Many women continue to organize. People are motivated. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”


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