Announcement: Technical Difficulties and Solitude Photos

I’m having some computer issues this weekend.  So I will be unable to post anything new until Monday sometime.  Challenges will all be out this week, but Odd Ball may have to wait until Monday.

Here are some more photos for Solitude.  Enjoy!  See you Monday sometime.







  1. I know the feeling. Had some Internet problems a few months back. Thank goodness for the WordPress phone app. Every so often I still lose my connection and must use my trusty Samsung to post to both my Blogs. Hope everything gets in order soon! Take care!


    1. I had to get a new computer because my old one stopped. New one I need some accessories to be able to get my mouse and external drives where I store all my photos. So I have a computer and no photos. Doesn’t work well for me.


  2. I was wondering what happened to the Oddball Challenge. 🙂 I’m without my laptop for the fourth day, but at least I have a substitute. Should have it back Monday and what a relief!



  3. The person riding the bicycle on the beach strikes my funny bone, Cee. They are so out of place and at the same time, explorers of a new frontier of cycling. Good luck with your computer problems.


  4. Another great selection Cee. I’m sorry your computer has given up the ghost and hope you soon get everything you need to up and running again. I recently learnt to work with just a trackpad, but I still find a mouse more intuitive.

    My sweetheart killed his laptop a few weeks ago by tipping a cup of coffee over it, so he’s been going through something similar. I hope your pictures were all backed up – I’m sure they would have been. That’s the biggest worry when things go wrong.


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