My Morning Adventure at the Tulip Farm

It was a cool cloudy drizzly day at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.  I did manage to get a few photos.   So I didn’t get a lot of photos.  For a close up of some tulips, click here on my Cee’s Showcase blog.

This first photo, a lady was trying to take a photo of her dog standing on a huge wooden shoe.


Wooden Shoe personnel rotates where there crops are each year.  This year they were split into two sections.  On section in the back is the largest field.  And for me I could not walk far enough to get back there.


A lady taking photos of some of the display tulips.  Notice the reflection of a tulip in her lens.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Oooh, I love tulips!! Where I live, peonies have become very popular. Lots of peony farms have sprouted up. I’d love to find a way to go photograph some of them!! Thanks for sharing the tulips!


  2. Great pictures of people taking pictures. It is like a picture within a picture and you wonder if the storytelling is similar or not?!


    1. They have hundreds of acres. They rotate their fields and will grow clover to recover the soil. I have no clue how many acres they usually use. This year, they are using fields I’ve never seen them use before.

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  3. You are so lucky to live so close to a tulip farm. I’ve visited one once at the other end of the state but it would be lovely to drop in more often. I wonder if that lady got a good shot of her dog in the end. 🙂


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