Black & White Sunday: After and Before Y1-05

Paula from Lost in Transition blog hosts a monthly challenge called Black and White Sunday:  After and Before Y1-05.  This is the first time I am playing in this challenge.

I decided to use a photo of my friend Rebecca who plays the cello.  Click here to see my original post.  The venue that she played in had very old yellow incandescent lighting which if you are a photographer you know is hard to capture.  This type of lighting adds yellow photos.  A cool tip is to turn it into black and white.  You will usually get a real sharp image.

Below you will find Rebecca in color.  I took out most of the yellowish tones (added blue tones) and added a little pink to soften it a bit.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. In monochrome I can focus on her features better. It’s my favourite instrument and this post is very special and so nicely presented. Thanks so much, Cee.


  2. Definitely the monochrome, Cee. As others have commented before, her features, her intense concentration is the focus of the shot. In the colour photograph, the wood (although beautiful wood in itself) is in competition with her complexion.


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