One Word Photo & WPC Challenges with the topic of Friend

Here is my entry for these challenges:

  • Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Friend
  • Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Friend.

A few year back, I had the pleasure of getting to know some alpacas.  It seemed like everywhere I went, I ran into them.  They are the most friendliest and curious animals I have ever met.  ENJOY.

Two young alpacas becoming friends.
Criss-crossed alpacas.
Alpacas with their human friend.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. I agree – possibly the friendliest animals you can imagine. I watched a video about alpaka breeders who visit an old peoples’ home on a regular basis. The residents are allowed to cuddle them and are so pleased!


      1. They look very cute and attractive and innocent that I would love to see them in real and have some good time with them. They resemble the llamas a lot. Do you have them as pet.


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