Thursday’s Special: Portrait vs. Landscape

Here is my entry for Paula’s (Lost In Translation blog) Thursday Special challenge.  This week her theme is Portrait vs. Landscape.

Which one do you prefer, the portrait or the landscape.

Portrait of sky and tulip field.
Landscape of sky and tulip field.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. I prefer the landscape because of its width and it shows the majesty of the tulip fields and the sky clouds. I like to use landscape when the subject is being featured, and when it deals with height, as in the view off a tall skyscraper, or detailing a tall tree.


  2. You share so much beauty, Cee. You must lead a wonderful life :), but seriously, I always admire your skill in photography. These are both wonderful. Which do I prefer?? Well, both are spectacular.

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  3. Oh, it’s hard to choose Cee. The scope of the landscape is impressive and I am usually a landscape person. But I think that i prefer the portrait this time – I like the extra bit of foreground and the striking sky.


  4. Generally speaking, I tend to like photos in landscape and that’s true for this one too. Although I do agree with Bushboy. The version in portrait does give the photo great depth along the rows of flowers.


  5. I prefer the portrait. It’s “tighter”, and easier to look at.. More detail is visible, and the contrast between the sky and the field is far more dramatic.


  6. The landscape one lacks the bottom part, which is cool. So I prefer the portrait one. Although you could do several vertical photos and combine them into a landscape-oriented pano.


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