Thursday’s Special: Vision

Here is my entry for Paula’s (Lost In Translation blog) Thursday Special challenge.  This week her theme is Vision.

What I adore about photography is that every person sees different.  They all have their own vision of the photo they are taking looks like.  One thing I adore is taking photos of people who are photographing something or someone else.  It is almost like I’m getting a glimpse of how they see.

Tulip Festival
Tulip Festival
Tulip Festival
Swan Island Dahlias

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. We have a wild flower field near our house. I might have to take my kids to visit after seeing these pictures of beautiful flowers!


  2. Great shots Cee. I know from a technical point of view that it sometimes makes, sense but I always chuckle when I see speedlights used as a supplementary/fill light during the day outdoors 😀


    1. I know the technical things behind it, but I think it is more people showing off “what they think they know” more than is practical. Your exposure pretty much will help correct daylight in balance and a good ISO. 😀

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