One Word Sunday Challenge: Repetitive – Bridge of the Gods

Debbie over at Travel With Intent has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Repetitive.

I thought I would featured Bridge of the Gods with its any repetitive patters.  The bridge is located in Cascade Locks, Oregon.  I’ve taken lots of photos of it over the years from all different angles.

Looking up from underneath the bridge.
Close up of part of the Bridge of the Gods.
Bridge of the Gods architecture.
Chris took this photo of the Bridge of the Gods with her wide angle lens.

Qi (energy) hug



  1. Great images Cee. And a perfect choice for Repetition. I did think about using a bridge myself, so I’m very happy to see yours. They are all great but I think the second is top – a great mix of horizontal and vertical with diagonals; and some natural greenery to contrast with engineering. Thank you!


  2. A really amazing bridge. Photographically, I, too, think the second picture is the best – not only did you take it at the perfect moment with the truck (which has the perfect colour, the same as the bridge) in the middle, but the construction is effectively juxtaposed with the forest behind. The slight curve of the lines (with vanishing point off to the left) give the impression as if the bridge has no ending. The photo from underneath and the concentration on the ironworks are also good, of course, and the wide angle shot is very much appreciated by me to see to see the bridge in the environment.


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