Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word In July – Y2

Here is my entry for Paula’s (Lost In Translation blog) Thursday Special challenge.  This week her theme is Pick a Word In July – Y2.





Two buffalos enjoying a new dawn.


Raindrops during the golden hour.


Notice Chris’s hand on the top right of the tire.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. I have never seen tires this size and I have never seen rain photographed like this before. Quite remarkable and falling on geese that are going after their business undisturbed 😀 Buffalos are great example for prostrating and what can bring us as much gaiety as live music. Fabulous all of them and my personal favourite for subject, motion and beautiful light is your soaring. Editor is playing tricks with you too. It left a piece of text that was in June – :D. I hope you won’t mind me noticing. And thank you, Cee, it’s an honour to have you participate. Qi hugs…

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