Black & White Sunday: Low-Lying

Here is my entry for Paula’s from Lost in Transition blog Low-Lying.

This first photo is a Turkey Vulture who I was able to photograph.

These last two photos are of a Boeing 747 jet which is at Evergreen Aviation Museum.  This first one I was able to walk underneath its belly and take this photo.

Evergreen Aviation Museum decided to build a giant waterslide and have the slide start  by sliding down though a Boeing 747 and dropping down to an indoor pool.  Here is a photo of the 747 on top of the building.  I took this photo when it was still under construction.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. So, have you tried the slide? That really sounds like a lot of fun … or maybe it would have been. Love the underbelly of the 747. Also, that is some turkey vulture!


    1. I really don’t like giant water slides. They hurt my body. 😀 😀 Okay I’ve not done it for 30 years, but I would guess my body would hurt even more now.


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