Nurturing Thursday – … to feel alive

I decided to play with along with Becca today and participate in her Nurturing Thursday.

Qi (energy) hugs




  1. Haven’t moved much since this morning in the office. Looking forward to the end of the day – walk to the subway station, stand on the train (moving at the same time though to avoid people stepping on my toes as commuters join the ride at each stop) and walk home from the subway station. MZ


  2. it makes sense! if i understand my old physics right: the faster one moves, the slower one ages. — and therefore gets to live longer?. just not on a slippery freeway, though. 🙂


      1. Yes, it’s a good feeling! For me, If I keep doing it every day, it gets easier and easier. But if I sit for days and the fluid builds up on my leg, it takes a long time to redistribute it to my upper body!


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