One Word Sunday Challenge: Upright

Debbie over at Travel With Intent has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Upright.  All these photos were taken in Astoria, Oregon over the past few years.

Here is a link to the Astoria Column.  The Column is the “crowning monument” in a series of 12 historical markers constructed between St. Paul, Minnesota and Astoria, Oregon. These markers were the pet project of Ralph Budd, who was president of the Great Northern Railroad at the time. Budd and other businessmen and scholars wanted to celebrate Astoria’s early settlers for their role in expanding the United States to the Pacific Coast.

Astoria Column
Marina boat and ship masts on a foggy day.
Remnants of an old pier still upright.

Qi (energy) hug



  1. Really nice job on the tower, Cee. It’s not easy to get a shot like that–lighting on the tower and the clouds in the sky..and the tower is nice and straight!


      1. That was many years ago, we went deep sea fishing. There were so many fish, any fish that is not desirable, throw it back and catch another one. Then when done, could trade the fresh fish with canned fish.


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