Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Here is my entry for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Elemental.  ENJOY.

Earth (dirt), water, grass, rutabaga field
Fiery sunrise
Water, wind (cloud), rocks

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. My late husband, who was by trade a fire-fighter, was also a farmer. He would try to grow anything here in our northern Ohio place. Once he grew tobacco, once cotton…neither an Ohio crop. No spectacular crops, such as his cabbage which was much coveted by sauerkraut fans, and sweet corn which he picked while the customer waited.


  2. oops, got off the subject there… once he grew rutabagas, also parsnips, and turnips…everybody’s German gramma made mashed turnips along with mashed potatoes for the holidays. My kids were less than thrilled with the rutabagas, but they are a good root cellar crop.


  3. It looks rutabaga are waiting for someone, some are arriving from air, some from sea. Wonder if a war is about to start?


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