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  2. Just when I decide to slow down, you come up with yet another challenge to whet my appetite. Get it? Ap? Apetite? Never mind.

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    1. Very nice photo! (Easier to comment here than the funky blogspot login on your page. Sorry!)


  3. I think I’m just about finished with alphabetic prompts. I’ve been A through Z’d back and forth a dozen times. How about calculus? I don’t know ANYTHING about that at all, so I could go directly to totally random posting. I can do that. Totally random posting, I mean. In fact, it may be one of my strengths.

    Good apples, computer and treewise. Also apricots. Don’t see those around New England.


  4. I really like your photo of the apricots, what a fantastic colour. Makes me wish it were summer here so I could have one. (Although I r eally prefer peaches and nectarines.)


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