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Solar Eclipse Shadows – Canby, Oregon

I’m just got done watching the solar eclipse.  We are about half mile north of its path.  I had my iPhone with me.  Here are two photos of the side of my house with shadows.

The birds and insects all got quiet about 5 minutes before the eclipse.  Our temperature must have dropped about 15-20 degrees.  The streets and no traffic.  All was quiet.  Once the eclipse was over the morning song birds were singing and I could hear traffic again.

This first photo was taken at 10:03 am.  The camera did add a little light to the photos.

And this photo was taken at 10:18 am.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I managed to get 3 pictures of the eclipse now. I didn’t note any difference in temperature of insect moving there collared doves flying about. A fly was bothering me. I had to go outside and where I really noticed a difference was inside the apartment. It was so dark you could almost think it was dusk. At a 11.35 AM it became light again. I hope to have others. Merdian, Idaho


  2. I remember the solar eclipse in Germany, in 1999 (I thought it was only 10 years ago … ). We were just outside the full eclipse and I couldn’t go closer because my mother was sick and I had to stay with her – in the end, that was just as well because we had clear skies and just south of us the clouds started. But I remember the eery silence just as you describe it, with the birds going quiet. Imagine how in former times the people reacted to this, being unprepared for it and most not knowing why this was happening and if the sun would reappear again!


  3. I woke up to an overcast morning, no sun in sight. On my way to work, thunder and then rain. Maybe it really is an omen? The end of the world. UPDATE: False alarm. On my way out to lunch, the sun is shining, the sky is blue! The earth still spins!


  4. we were at 90% here..the neat part was looking north and seeing the sky was getting darker than it was over us. great pics. our birds all went silent and the danged cicadas started screeching.


  5. I bought my plane ticket before realizing the eclipse, so my flight left at 8:00am and arrived CA at 10:00am. So I just missed it. Companies of my daughter and son-in-law asked them to work at home, so they got to watch!


  6. I envy you! We were going to travel from Wisconsin to southern Illinois but didn’t due to a family emergency. We did go out with our eclipse glasses with our grandsons, and it was beautiful and awesome, there was no tempurature drop or birds getting quiet though it didn’t get very dark.


  7. Lucky, you got the chance to see it. We, here in Europe had no chance. Only in 2081 is the next to see in southern Germany. I remember the last, many years ago, the silence and the darkness were remarkable, although we didn’t see nothing of the sun, because of Clouds.


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