Flower of the Day – September 14, 2017 – Bearded Iris

Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.  

bearded iris

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Is this blooming in Oregon now, or is it an old photo? We just flew out to your neck of the woods last week, (SeaTac) before riding a cruise ship to Alaska. I barely got to see anything flower wise there although Victoria, Canada had tons of flowers.


    1. Heaven’s no this is not in bloom right now. I took it earlier this year. We are pretty much passed any blooming flowers with the exception of mums and weeds. 😀 The smoke chocked our dahlias this year and it was a horrible season for them.

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      1. When we returned from our jot to Alaska we found our Dahlias full of blooms since we had not cut any. Then all the wind from Hurrican Irma battered some of the dinner plate blooms. On my way to work this morning I cut a dozen or so blooms and dropped them at a neighbor’s house. We should have blooms until frost. If you were nearer I would share. 🙂


        1. in the city I live, we have the largest dahlia farm in the Americas. Acres and acres of them. They usually get to 4-6 feet high and so full of blooms. This year, they are all about 1/2 the size and hardly any blooms. I couldn’t even go to see the dahlias this year, it hurt so bad to see them. So any dahlia I’ve posted are some of my thousands of photos I’ve taken over the years. I only had a couple dahlias in my own yard bloom. It has not been a nice summer for flowers. Spring was gorgeous, but this late summer … yuck. I’d love to see your dahlias.

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          1. I will try to make photos of my garden in the next couple of days. All the wind from Irma roughed them up. I need to cut a bunch of spent blooms off and tie them back to their stakes.


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