The Daily Post Prompt:  Rain Glorious Rain

We had a nice old fashion thunderstorm this afternoon.  What a nice break from smoke from the wildfires.  Rain Glorious Rain.  We have our windows open and the air is fresh!!! 

The Daily Post Prompt:  Glorious

My backyard showing my hydrangea and rain.

Tree blowing in the wind during Thunderstorm (tree is across the street).Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Oddly enough, it is raining here, too. We have a little bit of former hurricane Jose dropping by to visit us wetly.

    I love how you captured the raindrops falling! I always try to do that, but so rarely make it happen.


  2. Love that shot of the tree in the wind. We’ve had quite a change in weather recently to where we’re now sleeping with the window open at night. From hundred degree temps to 7o’s during the night. And next week we dip into the 60’s. It’s still in the 90’s right now during the days. But, oh those nights.


    1. Oh I bet you are loving the cooler nights. We have had thunderstorms today and as well as a couple of time without electricity. Our area doesn’t get thunderstorms, so this is really crazy weather for us. The fire fighters are loving it though. I heard they finally sent some of them home.

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  3. We’ve been getting some glorious rain here too! After only .02 inches of rain in three months it’s been wonderful.

    But I do admit I’m really disappointed about not getting a September this year because it’s my favorite month. The first week it was still August in the 90s. Now it’s October in the 50s. 😦


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