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SYW Follow up – Hot Air Balloon

My day just became a lot more joyful and optimistic.  About a minute after I hit publish on my Share Your World post this morning, Chris said there is a hot air balloon in the sky and it was the closest she had ever seen one.  So obviously, I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

What was so fun about this was my answer to the 4th question of SYW was “Even though last week was not the best for me, I know deep down inside all is well and my life will return to my happy easy going place.  I have a way of turning what appears to be bad I’ll turn it into good.  I don’t stay down long.  That part of me just inspires to keep going, because good things and time is just around the bend or even in the next minute.”

Qi (energy) hugs



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  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to go up in one. There was one at our local fairground a couple of years ago, but exactly when I got to the front of the line, they had to close down. Not enough hot air. Even though I offered to blow furiously into the balloon, I didn’t go up (sigh). There is a travel company (European) where you drift in hot air balloons all over the continent. If I got fabulously rich somehow, I’d do that and the European river boat cruising — and one long trip through Alaska. Okay, just one more — a photography safari in Kenya … where presumably they still have some animals to photograph. Just dream.

    Your second shot is the stuff that dreams are made of!


  2. What a wonderful treat! I’ve never been in one and I like it that way, but it is fun to catch a glimpse of one. I used to see balloons when I lived on the west coast. Not where I live now. Anyway, lovely photos.


  3. Great attitude to have Cee – I firmly believe that the more opportunity you give for good things to ‘happen’ the more they happen to you! ( Same for the negative also!)

    Lovely shots. 🙂 Perth is about 60 miles from Northam which is known for it’s ideal ballooning conditions, Last year a Russian explorer in his 70’s set the world record for solo navigation around the world in a hot air balloon and i managed to catch a very long distance shot of him as he passed over our city just before he set the record. 🙂



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