Best of the Week

Here are a few photos  took this week at various times.  This first photo, I actually took waiting in line at McDonald’s this morning.  It is a photo of the window of a Ford 150 truck.  It’s rather new and I’m wondering if any you know what the gear things are sticking out near its window.

I also took this photo at McDonald’s.  I love the little water fountain and notice all the coins that people have been throwing in it.

The next two photos I were taken at Molalla River State Park in Canby, Oregon.  This first one is of old vintage Chevrolet truck.  Actually the owner of this vehicle lives in my neighborhood, so it was fun to be able to photograph it at the park.

This last photo is of a lily pad field that is located in the park.

Qi (energy) hugs,



    1. I just now have to keep taking photos. I’ve had a long try spell of not taking my photos. The smoke was too bad and it took me forever to start breathing well enough to be out. 😀

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        1. It’s still burning. It has only been 38% contained. It’s just that is is away from the freeway and Portland’s water supply. Part of the Freeway that runs through that area only has one lane open. Smoke fortunately is not back to Portland or my area any more.


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