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Happy Halloween from Chris and Cee

Photos from the both of us.  Have a fun and safe day.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. It’s not a an occasion i normally celebrate, but thanks to you both and i hope your Halloween was not too scary and much more ‘treaty’ 🙂

    Does anyone ever actually EAT a pumpkin on Halloween? or are they strictly for decoration? 🙂

    Belated happy Halloween from Bob. (aka love)

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    • Hi Bob, I’ve been trying to answer you all week. My internet has been flakey and trying to respond to people has been difficult. I know I have never eaten a fresh pumpkin. 😀

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      • I think were all having internet troubles! 🙂

        If you cut a wedge of pumpkin and put it in a roasting pan with some whole onions, peeled potatoes, and carrots and cook them in a lttle oil in a hot oven till soft you’d find it delicious! Roasting brings out the sweetness in veges. 🙂


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