One Word Sunday Challenge: Wish (Things to make wishes on)

Debbie over at Travel With Intent blog has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Wish.

Here is a list of things you can make wishes on.


Straw Wrappers.

Penny. One might argue that a penny’s real value lies in the wishing. A penny can be thrown into any body of water. Some say to make the wish while it’s in the air, others insist that you can’t wish until it hits the water. Either way, pennies are great for wishing.

Birthday Candles.

White Horses.

Rainbows. How do you not wish on a rainbow? Rainbows are awesome. When you see one, close your eyes and wish. Then count to ten, keeping your eyes closed. If you can still see the rainbow when you open your eyes—wish granted.


Wishing wells.

The Moon. You can’t wish on the moon any time, but if it’s full (or if it’s your birthday), wish on it when it’s at its highest point.





Acorns. Acorns hold the seeds that grow into oak trees, so that’s already pretty cool. If an acorn should fall on your head, pick it up and wish on it. If it’s a big wish, leave the acorn on your windowsill for three days to facilitate wish granting. For love wishes, send the acorn to the object of your desire.



Falling Leaves.


Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Do you wish on sugar in the US? It’s not really “wishing on” but when I was little and wished for a sibling I put a cube of sugar each night on the windowsill. It was meant for the stork to come by, take it and leave a baby instead. It didn’t work.

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  2. Oh Cee, what a brilliant post! The wishbone reminds me of Sunday lunch as a child – who would get the chance to pull the bone? And there’s a few here that I didn’t know – like dandelions and acorns. Every country / society / religion / generation seems to have its own opportunity to make its wishes.
    Thanks for highlighting this.

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