Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental (Photoshop)

Here is my entry for WordPress Daily Post Weekly Challenge with the topic of Experimental.

It isn’t that often I really play around with Photoshop.  So when I do it’s usually a one time thing and never ask me to reproduce the photo.  Here are a few examples.

Original photo taken in Canby, Oregon.


I added a ship in the background.  I’m horrible at masking so I don’t do this very often.

I took this photo on a cloudy day in early summer at the iris festival one year.

Through some playing around in photoshop I turned it into a stormy day in Autumn.

I took this photo of Charlie drinking out of one of my photo experiments I did with this flower.  

I turned this photo into a watercolor somehow on Photoshop.

Qi (energy) hugs




  1. Wow! Well done, Cee! I especially love the stormy day in Autumn and the one with Charlie drinking out of the bowl.


  2. I’m also terrible at masking and almost never do more than a tiny bit. I’m better at superimposing picture on picture, if the sizes are right.

    Yours came out pretty well — and I love your drawn kitty 😀


  3. I love your playing around! That tree shot looks cool and so do all of them. I have the same feeling there…if I do something in PS – don’t ask me how I did it or to do it again…


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