Riddle From the Middle’s SYW Questions – 12/11/17

On Monday I was unable to connect to the internet and was not able to post my usual SYW questions.  So Laura, who’s blog is Riddle From the Middle, posted her own questions.  I thought I would add my answers.  Here are her questions for the week.

For every one who is wanting a SYW this, week check out Laura’s blog and play along.

Is your second toe longer than your big toe?  No my toes are actually all about the same length, except for my little toe….it is really short and gets squished a lot.  And yes I do remember my dreams.

What happens when the dogs dream?  When we had our pugs and they dreamt, both Chris and I laughed.  They were fun to watch.  They would run, jerk, and mostly talk.  The talking part is all pug though.

What’s on your closet floor right now?  Actually a lot of my photos with mat boards that I have from many years ago when I sold them at craft shows.  I have baskets of some blankets and clothes that isn’t used any longer.  Needless to say, if I had a lot of shoes, they would not fit.

Name five books on your bookshelf.

I am not a real fan of reading, so my books are quiet the kind of books you read.

I have a few books on the table in back of my computer and I took this photo just a few minutes ago.  The orange book is a journal.  I think the rest can be read fairly easily.  the 555 Cross-Stitch Motifs is from Donna Kooler.

My Mac Airbook is on the very left of the photo and that hasn’t been used in a few years.

Name something that inspired you this week. 

The weather has been real cold out so I’ve not been out taking a lot of photos lately.  Although Chris had Monday off and we went to a local nursery and had lunch out.  It was sunny and it was nice to be out.

We just got a phone call and we get our new internet connection hooked up tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Hooray! I completely understand about faulty Internet connections. We don’t realize how much that we rely on signals and connections until they stop working. Also glad that folks are glad to help out in a tough situation. That’s Wonderful!! In the past few months I’ve had Internet and Laptop issues. Fortunately both are currently being resolved and next year Fiery Spirit Writing Blog will return. I’m very Thankful for my Samsung Android Cell Phone and the WordPress App. That has helped me keep up with All your Excellent Photo Challenges! Grace, Peace & Blessings! Happy Holidays!!


  2. I love your answers, Cee. (I imagine pugs ARE pretty funny when they dream.) Hope you don’t mind me tossing questions out there — I didn’t realize I was hooked on SYW until that day! ☺️


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