Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites – February

Here is my entry for WordPress Daily Post Weekly Challenge with the topic of my favorite photos of 2017 – February.

When I took this photo, there was not a rainbow in the sky.  Somehow light was refracted and it appeared.  I call this my miracle photo of the year.

This is a rutabaga field that is about a mile from where I live.  I love the straight lines of this photo and the clouds in the background.

This just shows the fun side of me.  Our City Hall building moved in February to a new location and this is the left over signs at their old building.

Blue Sign:  After Hours Phone for all Police – Fire Assistance with no phone below.

Red Keep Out Signs and door says Please Walk In and the door entry barricaded by police yellow caution tape.

Qi (energy) hugs




  1. I love the signs Cee. The water ripples in the rutabaga field help make the photo as well as the lines in the field. I have been contemplating the lines in fields since driving to visit my daughter and seeing the crops all lining up.


  2. The rainbow is priceless of course but I actually prefer the rutabaga field (had to scroll back up twice to spell this right! – never heard of this plant). Must be the genes of my peasant ancestors in me. 🙂


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