Let there be peace on earth …

Part of Becky’s at The Life with B blog Square Sky Challenge which runs through the month of December.

And Debbie’s Saturday six-word Challenge.

Photo taken December 25, 2016

And I just adore this song.  The graphics used in this video is marvelous.

Qi (energy) hugs,



  1. Stunning shot on Christmas day last year, Cee. I wonder what the weather is like this year. I’ll find out soon enough. As you said, the graphic of the song is beautiful. Have a peaceful holiday!


  2. Thank you Cee for a beautiful photograph; the composition is brilliant.

    And thank you even more the song and video, have been sitting here listening and watching. I agree the graphics are lovely, as are the quotes. Love is definitely the answer, and the words/music inspire me to start mending the rifts that have appeared between me and my siblings this year.

    Wishing you and Chris, and your families a very loving and peaceful Christmas, and here’s to a much happier and less divided world in 2018. xx


    1. I feel that there is more peace than usual for this time of year. I feel so much love and caring from everyone I meet. I think it will be an excellent 2018. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. 😀

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