21 Day Challenge – Complaint Free

Join Chris in her quest not to complain. 😀

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I have taken up a challenge for my new year coming up, to go 21 days without complaining.  Yes, complaining.  Think it’s easy?  Guess again.  I’m on Day 1.  I started on Saturday, it’s now Wednesday, and I’m on Day 1.  See, that’s part of the challenge.  When you mess up, you start all over again.

Saturday, Day 1:  a snarky comment about Western medicine (don’t get me started on our medical system in America) has me starting over.

Sunday, Day 1:  I made it the whole day!  This might not be as hard as it sounds.  (Most people take many months to go the whole 21 days without messing up.)

Monday, Day 2:  I got unduly annoyed at Facebook notifications that I can’t seem to turn off, no matter how much I’ve tried.  Ugh!  Then a made a snotty comment to Siri (Apple’s digital assistant) after I asked…

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  1. I’ve tried not complaining. It’s hard. The little things get me. I’ve gone a few days at most. It’s good to keep trying. I’m happier when I’m working on not complaining that’s for sure!


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