Color Your World – January 21 through 23

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge.

Granny Apple Smith – Black walnuts at various states of growth

Turquoise Blue – Little Free Library

Shadow – Stacks of pallets

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Nice little free library–there is one here in downtown Woodstock NY and every single week, a youngish hipster-looking guy comes, takes out a bunch of books to make his fit, and puts a dozen or two dozen brand-new copies of the Bhagavad-Gita in there, and then within a day or so the older woman running it takes most of them out to make space for the other books there and delivers them to different places. It is quite the little tussle, sometimes complete with notes inside the library to each other, and happens every single week, including in winter. I wish the guy didn’t take out books he doesn’t want in order to put his in–I ran into him once and it seems he just sort of throws them away or otherwise wastes them. It feels against the spirit of free libraries, you know?

    But I digress–! ahahaha!

    I love the walnuts and the pallets especially–


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