Nurturing Thursday: Happiness Means That ….

I decided to play with along with Becca today and participate in her Nurturing Thursday.

As some of you know, I just finished training to be a specialist in the Grief Recovery Method from the Grief Recovery Institute.  I will be writing much more later and setting up a page on my blog which will cover  what I learned in much more detail.


Qi (energy) hugs




  1. Congratulations on your grief training.
    Even though my parents have been gone over 20 years I still grieve them. I will always miss them. Mom and Dad were my emotional support system and no one can replace. When I’m stressed which is a good deal of the time I dream about them because I wish that I could talk with them and receive comfort
    There will never be anyone able to understand what I go through every day.
    When they passed I lost part of me which can’t be replaced. I know that eventually we will be reunited with my family in Heaven. That will be a glorious time of Celebration.

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      1. Thanks. I appreciate your support and encouragement. You’re filled with kindness, empathy, compassion and Love.
        Many are the days when your most excellent Photography Challenges help me to redirect my energy and focus on my creativity.

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  2. Yes, everything else that has to do with happiness can, and does, change; but how we see ourselves is the foundation of it. Wishing you a good weekend!


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