Update on Cee’s Chronic Illness Work

Cee and Chris

This is a follow up article from my Loss:  Cee’s Chronic Illness article.

Me in the hospital, 17 years ago today.

My first Grief Recovery Method teacher wouldn’t touch any of my health issues during class because I was told that my health issues were too complex.  My teacher did suggest I start by doing a chart on my health.  I put together a timeline and chart that covered any type of illness that I had over my entire lifetime, not just Lymes Disease or when I was hospitalized and in a long coma, but also when I had severe bronchitis as a child.  On this chart I included some of the highlights of my life, like when we moved away from Minnesota when I was a child, graduations, when Chris and I got together, etc.  It was easier for me to correlate events with illnesses.  The timeline and chart gave…

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  1. I need to go back and read your previous article. I am taking the positive from a very sad overall picture. You survived your
    illness and abuse. You are a real example to others. Others who need it like me. I am glad you had people to care for you and help with your recovery. 💐🌸🌺🏵️❤️


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